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Micro Lua DS v.4.2

Dateigröße Dateigröße: 1.15 MB Downloads Downloads: 1041 Sprache Sprache: Englisch
Autor Autor: Micro Lua DS Team Webseite Webseite: Homepage Datum Geändert am: 2011-11-26 22:52:21

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Micro Lua DS ermöglicht das starten von Lua Scripts auf dem Nintendo DS. Dazu gehören z.B. Spiele und Programme. Auch können damit einfach Anwendungen und Spiele für die Konsole erstellt werden.





[Changelog v4.2]
-Boot-Probleme gefixt


=======================[[MIRCOLUA 4.1.1b]]========================

- Nothing really useful ; wait for 4.1.1 final ;)



=======================[[ MICROLUA 4.1 ]]=======================


|| ||

|| By the MicroLua forum, from the original project by Risike ||

|| CHANGELOG file by Reylak ||

|| ||



I-..... New features

II-.... Improvements

III-... Bugs fixes



I- New features |


* Add screen.drawTexturedQuad() and screen.drawTexturedTriangle()

*__ to draw textured primitives.


II- Improvements |


* Change the logo of the binaries. It is now really cute

* Change the transparency system. There are now the functions

*__ screen.getLayer() to get the current layer and

*__ screen.getAlphaLevel() to get the current blending

*__ coefficient. For screen.setAlpha(), the layer argument is now

*__ always optionnal.

* Improve the System.listDirectory() function. It now sorts files

*__ and directories alphabetically, and give the size of

*__ the files.


III- Bug fixes |


* Add some functions to ease handling canvas objects

*__ (Canvas.setObjOnTop() and Canvas.removeObj()).

* Fix getting a BSoD when pressing Start at startup.

* Fix some Image transformations not being permanent with Canvas.

* Transparency levels are now between 0 and 99 (as 100 resets the

*__ transparency system).

* Fix Canvas.getAttr() which now only requires two arguments.

* Fix Canvas.removeObj() to now delete the right objet.



I- New features |
* Nothing for this time, the awesomeness of MicroLua is already
*__ quite great ;)
II- Improvements |
* Change the logo of the binaries. It is now really cute ;)
III- Bug fixes |
* Fix getting a BSoD when pressing Start at startup.
* Fix some Image transformations not being permanent with Canvas.


- Added support for WiFi 
- Added support for datetime 
- Added support for the Rumble 
- Added support of Motion 
- Changed the syntax of the library's 
- You can now read several modules (mods) together 
- Support sound effects (SFX). You can play WAV files 
- Added a function render (). StartDrawing functions () and stopDrawing () still exist but are no longer mandatory 
- Added a global variable MICROLUA_VERSION that returns the current version of Micro Lua 
- You can now customize the colors of the shell in the file shell.ini 
- Support the stylus in the shell 
- Over-limit position for the direct drawing (lines, rectangles etc ...). They can now go beyond the screen. 
- Added a function that returns Font.getStringWidth width in pixels of a string in a given font 

Bug fixes: 

- More than double click problem 
- No problem loading jpeg images, you can now safely use 
- Optimization of loading and unloading of images, fonts and maps. You can now load and unload at infinity 
- More Oops unhandled error " 
- Fixed problem Canvas ATTR_Y2 
- The scaling is now permanent 
- No problem with the Stylus.newPress 
- Large speed increase during the launches scripts with dofile. Micro Lua DS is now looking much more quickly 


- Bookstore keyboard but you can download open source on the site and thus modify

v2.0 beta 2

- Displaying is about 3X FASTER!
- Some syntax changes (see "syntax changes.txt")
- Adding a Canvas system. You can now create a Canvas, adding some objects inside like lines, rectangles, images...etc. Then call Canvas.draw function to draw all items. This method is aboute 30x FASTER than displaying of Micro Lua 1.0!!! On no$gba you can display 1600 images without loss of FPS.
- Adding an INI file management system. You can now read and write ini files.
- Adding ScrollMaps. They are maps we can scroll pixel by pixel. It's faster than normal Maps (faster than 1.0 too) but you can only display them in fullscreen.
- A getTile function for maps
- Some bugs corrections
- Better errors management

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