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nesDS v.1.3a

Dateigröße Dateigröße: 266.55 KB Downloads Downloads: 1894 Sprache Sprache: Englisch
Autor Autor: huiminghao und co. Webseite Webseite: Homepage Datum Geändert am: 2012-09-23 18:16:02


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nesDS ist der NES-Emulator schlechthin für den Nintendo DS. Er basiert auf der Version, die mit dem kommerziellen DS-Devkit programmiert wurde, wurde aber später wegen rechtlichen Gründen für das Open Source Dev-Kit portiert. Er funktioniert gut und hat viele Features, darunter eine Cheat-Funktion.


alpha blend fixed.
touch the current menu item to hide menu.
cheat list bug fixed. fix the flicking of cheat list.
all saving flushed.
Sound update, the volume = sin(original * pi / 2) ^ 0.7, like a linear to log conversion.
Load and save slot number merged to one.
nsf play supported, use <left/right> to select song, use <up/down> to play/stop, use 'debug' menu to see the details.


vcr6 sound channel for mapper24 and mapper26 is added.
a sound reset button is added to menu>settings>config, which is used when the sound goes bad,
when close and open the DS, this is probly needed.
Mapper253 is added.
fds saving is disabled when the game is not a fds.

the sound rendering has almost reached the ability of arm7, so .....
the arm7 will auto detect the IF, by which to fix the mess of sound.


every apu channel mirrored to a nds sound channel

sound update, fds sound works fine.
AutoFire config can be saved.
game is more stable & sound goes bad?
binary files converted to .c/.h, can be compiled by devkitARM r39


fds sound added, just works.
Mapper198 added, SRAM saving not supported.
Sound update.
Gesture update.


rom patch database added, which can select a PAL/NTSC timing or fix the header of rom.
Nifi fixed.
'About' flicking fixed.
Better flicker when PALTIMING is enabled.
dswifix(which is for nifi) src is added.


Mapper240 added.
fixed the tmpfile.
DPCM weakened, sounds better?
A bug with ppustat fixed. e.g.'teenage mutant ninja turtles'
A bug with palette fixed.
Patch update. Battleloads (Europe) <Double Dragons> added.
SRAM can be saved whatever a game supports.


code of .gz replaced with a new one, still works.
.zip supported. NOTE: Only one file is allowed in the .zip archive.
code of ips been re-written.
'Double Screen Show' is supported to show all the pixels at the same time. Check 'About' for more info.
Sprites with SP-perframe updated.
Some bugs related to 'Scaling' are fixed.
Some other changes.
Thanks to avenir.


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