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DScraft v.310811

Dateigröße Dateigröße: 12.71 MB Downloads Downloads: 13112 Sprache Sprache: Englisch
Autor Autor: smealum Webseite Webseite: Homepage Datum Geändert am: 2011-09-02 14:46:13


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DScraft ist ein 3D-Minecraft für den DS. Das Spiel hat die gleichen Features wie der Creative-Modus im echten Minecraft. An einem Survival-Modus wird aktuell gearbeitet.


Das Spiel verfügt über folgende Features:

- ability to add and remove blocks
- nice terrain generation (including cliffs, plains, small forests, lakes...)
- basic cave generation
- map streaming from file, meaning really big maps can be used (1024x1024 maps are fully playable)
- texture pack support (the game's default texture pack is eldpack)
- saving
- day/night cycle, clouds, dawn/dusk, stars... (basically : nice sky tongue.gif)
- more or less dynamic lighting system (torches !)
- basic bottom screen (working buttons, inventory)
- tons of blocks !
- (basic) dynamic water
- hand !





Wichtig: Im Download sind 2 Ordner vorhanden. Die Version, die man zuerst ausprobieren sollte, ist die NitroFS-Version. Wenn diese Version nicht funktioniert, kann man die FAT-Version ausprobieren.

Bei der NitroFS-Version muss der Ordner "dscraft" in den selben Ordner wie die Datei Dscraft.nds. Bei der FAT-Version muss der Ordner "dscraft" ins Root der SD-Card. Weiteres kann der readme.txt entnommen werden.









- added ladders and doors
- added new dynamic lighting to make caves darker
- added underwater effect
- added control scheme 3 (doesn't require shoulder buttons)
- added mc2ds, a Minecraft to DScraft world converter
- added mapUpdate, a program to recalculate some lighting values to work better with 310811
- included new default worlds
- made it easier to get out of water (again)
- fixed torch placing related bugs
- fixed quad cache overflow bug
- fixed inventory-opening crash
- fixed moon
- fixed menu glitch
- fixed edge related bugs
- many other various bugfixes

Note: For those who'd made worlds in previous versions : they will still be compatible with 310811, but lighting will be a little messed up. To fix that, all you have to do is run mapUpdate on your map files and they should look nice again. Sorry about that, but I didn't really have a choice.

- map streaming fixed *again*; now it won't get "locked" if you're too close to the edge.
- fixed the bug which made some cube faces disappear after saving; however, that's only for stuff saved from now on, so old maps which were affected with this bug will have to be fixed manually. (so if you had that bug, just place a block in front of the invisible face and remove it !)
- player position is now saved to the map file (so you start back where you left the game off)
- somewhat fixed the cursor; still a bit buggy but much better than it used to be
- it's now possible to make time pass by faster by touching the clock
- fixed the compass
- fixed mapGen for sizes that aren't 256, 512, 1024 etc. you do have to feed it even numbers though
- fixed the saving problem for FAT32 cards formatted for 512byte clusters
- fixed the bug that prevented water from spreading correctly after being loaded.
- new website logo, courtesy of sir Lobo ! 


v220811 :
- now compatible with DSi mode, sudokuhax ! (thanks to WinterMute for helping me track down the problem and fixing it !)
- new loading code, now much faster ( doesn't take over a minute anymore, it takes under ten seconds !)
- fixed some streaming issues, maps are now their full size (256x256 used to actually be rendered as a 192x192 map)
- fixed the "last minute streaming" issue which appeared when near the end of the map
- fixed the water jumping with control scheme 1; it's now easier to get out of water.
- nitroFS version : dscraft folder should now be in the same directory as DScraft.nds !
- added a readme.txt file


v200811 :

first "real" public version



v030711 :

proof of concept release

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