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NDS Save Converter v.2.5.1

Dateigröße Dateigröße: 324.5 KB Downloads Downloads: 1811 Sprache Sprache: Englisch
Autor Autor: evandixon Webseite Webseite: Homepage Datum Geändert am: 2011-08-25 09:17:17


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Mit dem Offline NDS Save File Type Converter lassen sich die Speicherdateien von Spielen konvertieren, damit sie mit anderen Flashcards funktionieren.

Das Programm benötigt .NET-Framework 2.0 für die klassische Version, .NET-Farmework 4.0 für die neue Version. Außerdem könnte es sein, dass das Programm mit Windows XP nicht funktioniert.


Die Speicherdateien folgender Flashcards & Emulatoren werden unterstützt:



 • Action Replay DSi
 • Action Replay DS MAX
 • Action Replay Media Edition
 • Acekard 2
 • Acekard RPG
 • EZ Flash V
 • RAW Format
 • CycloDS
 • M3 Simply
 • NinjaDS
 • R4
 • Supercard CF
 • Supercard DSONE
 • Supercard SD
 • Top Toy DS
 • M3 DS Real
 • G6 DS Real
 • DeSmuMe



Außerdem ist es möglich, ein Plugin zu schreiben, das Support für weitere Flashcards ermöglicht. Dafür benötigt man allerdings Kentnisse in C#/VB. Weitere Informationen sind im Download & in der Readme enthalten.



NDS Save Converter





v2.6 Alpha

- Plugins no longer go in the /Plugins folder, but in the /Plugins/Format folder. Example, included is a GBA plugin in /Plugins/GBA.


-Fixed outdated form title.  Now doesn't say "...v2 Beta", but instead, "...v2.5"

-Added simple batch conversion (advanced options possibly comming soon)
-Added plugin function, so 3rd party developers can add their own save file formats
-Lots of internal changes

v2.1 Beta:
 -Remembers Open/Save dialog locations separately (unfortunately, only for the current session)
 -Improved stability of reading game names of multi-save save files (ex Mario.1.sav, Other Game Name.7.sav)


v2.0 Beta:

Rewrote program to be more efficient, and hopefully faster; added new look; added new supported features for save formats: save formats are no longer limited to one or all sizes, a range is now supported.  Example: the M3i Zero use a RAW 512KB save file, but some games need a 1MB save file.  If you find any errors in suppoted save formats, please report them to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann. .  GBA Save conversion comming soon, If you wish to speed the process of GBA Conversion, email your GBA Save files to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist gegen Spambots geschützt! JavaScript muss aktiviert werden, damit sie angezeigt werden kann.



Added beta Action Replay DS MAX file support, and ability to save game names if there is an NDS ROM with the same filename as the save, and ability to send me the game names to go in a future database

v1.8 Delta:

Fixed a small bug

v1.8 Gamma:

Because I forgot to add a crucial file in the beta, and because I have been slightly modifing it, here is a new version.

v1.8 Beta:

Because of so many problems in 1.8 Alpha that are fixed in the Beta, the feature described in Alpha's changelog is being postponed.

v1.8 Alpha:

Allowed size change of any format (very helpful for Action Replay saves); Started Working on a system to automatically load the Game name if a rom with the same name exists in the same directory. This feature will be visible during the Beta version.


Added RAW 1MB support



Fixed crashing when converting from ARDS ME/ARDSi format

v1.6:Major Updates

-Removed Plugin system, can no longer create custom plugins to extend functionability, but now works faster. Data folder no longer needed.
-Fixed bug showing conversion complete message twice
-Added beta auto-detect size, as well as 128KB RAW size.
-Added extended support for Action Replay DSi/ME, being able to enter game info (Credit to Matt140 for writing the conversion tool, to evandixon only for packaging it within this program)


Raw Save to DeSmuME conversion works now.



Fixed bug in G6 DS Real / M3 DS Real (*.0) support



Fixed potentially fatal error, packaged with support for G6 DS Real / M3 DS Real (*.0)



Modified program to add save file formats from the list files, AND search the relative dorectory for them. I also packaged support for DeSmuME *.dsv files.



Many new fixes: Now Easier for others to add on to, it now converts all saves to raw, THEN to the format specified by the user.
It also has separate files containing a list of formats, so I can now control the display order on the form. I also packaged the newest version of the ARDSMEDUC-SAV program.


V1.1: Fixed a bug that allowed save file types to be displayed more than once

V1.0: Initial Release

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