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Wii4DS v.3.0

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Wii4DS ist ein Programm für Liebhaber des Wii-Menus. Mit ihm kann man das Interface des Wii-Menus auf dem DS bringen. Es werden sogar Kanäle "emuliert". So stehen der Mii-Kanal, Foto-Kanal und der Disk-Kanal zur Verfügung. Kanäle lassen sich zusätzlich modifizieren. Außerdem wurden selbst die Nachrichtenpinnwand des Wii-Menus sowie das Optionsmenu integriert.

Wii4DS_1 Wii4DS_2

* Mii Channel: We create Miis, but not save the channel and they are different homebrew set aside, the shell is open during the entire route assigned.

* Photo Channel: We see images exploring the Micro SD.

* Disc Channel: We play other homebrew that we have in our micro SD.

* Channel editable: Well, we'll find modifiable channels giving the blue arrow to the right on the main menu, if one gives a single channel will play hard, explore and run. But you can also edit files on your computer for each of us open a different homebrew, you can even choose which music and image come when we give the channel. We are going to / Wii / Gamex (X is the number of folder you want to change, a total of 6 assembly lines) and change the game.nds (note: you must rename the new to homebrew game.nds work) by the homebrew file you want is money that displays images of the chain must have the same name and extension, and the sfx file for a music channel, as in previous cases, do not change the name and the extension (you must pass the first MP3, because it must have knowledge of PAlib) if you want to work. You can also change the image of the little canal editable via your sprites that are outside Gamex files, like music, you will need knowledge of PAlib to do.

* Wii Message Board: We write notes on the forum for access we will give you the letter-shaped icon in the main menu, write that we give on the icon of scratch paper.

* Wii Options: This section is divided into two parts: Wii Settings and Data Management. With the former, we can change the username and the date and time, the second will open a browser from Micro SD much more progressive than the disk channel, although we can not run, but copy, paste, delete and rename files. Although you should not play with these options as things like renaming are not yet available and some may go wrong.

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